Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rocks Rock!

M got a frog.
I got a rock.

Pro Rock Pets
  1. don't need feeding
  2. happy to live outside
  3. can live underwater or on land
  4. they get smoother with erosion and time
  5. throw them at your enemies
  6. can paint them and they won't mind (People won't get after you for painting your rock pet, in fact they will admire you for it.)
  7. can go in your purse or pocket depending on size
  8. can take them to school
  9. can't die.
  10. only erode
Con Rock Pets
  1. people can throw your pets at you
  2. people may think you are weird for carrying a rock in your pocket
  3. rocks can't be cute, no matter how you paint them
  4. if you do bring your rock pet to school your teacher may consider it a weapon and send you to the principle
  5. if you feel you need to walk your rock pet it won't work, rocks can only drag not walk
  6. if you leave an unpainted rock pet outside you may loose it (They blend amazingly well)
  7. rocks mostly sit around all day unless other forces encourage them to move

Friday, June 3, 2011


  1. Swimming
  2. Popsicle eating
  3. shorts
  4. picnics
  5. lemonade
  6. dancing
  7. late summer evenings
  8. good books
  9. sunshine
  10. vacation
  11. family
  12. music
  13. movies
  14. lazy days
  15. sidewalk chalk
  16. long walks
  17. lots and lots of reading
  18. no school
  19. summer jobs :)
these are just of a few of my favorite things of summer! Happy Days!